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Dry Ice - SLAB 1KG

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide made by reducing the pressure & temperature of liquid CO2. Widely used in storage and transportation

Dry ice appears as a translucent white solid. It changes from a solid to a gas (sublimes) at normal temperatures without going through a liquid state. It is primarily used for cold chain management during the transport of food, pharmaceuticals and biological samples. Dry Ice slabs provide a more efficient and cost-productive cooling media and allow for maximized efficiency in last-mile delivery. 

  • Storage and transportation of frozen or chilled food, medical, pharmaceutical, research and other temperature-sensitive materials
  • Appears as a translucent white solid. Sublimes at normal temperatures.
  • Refrigerant for food storage in airline catering
  • Fabrication shrink fitting
  • Reactions coolant in the chemicals, research and pharmaceutical industries
  • All dry ice slabs are wrapped in Kraft paper. 

Dry Ice - SLAB 1KG

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Why choose British Oxygen?

99.99% Oxygen Purity
Our tanks are certified medical grade with 99.99% purity. In comparison, Oxygen Concentrator has lower purity as it filters the oxygen from the surrounding environment.

Portable Medical Oxygen
Trolley is included in the medical oxygen complete set package. It is good for safety and move the cylinder. 

Free Maintenance 5 Years
No need to worry about maintenance when it comes to using the medical oxygen tanks. Our Specialist will help guide & train you on how to use the medical oxygen tanks.

Flow rate
Medical Oxygen flow rate ranges from 1 L/min to 15 L/min. We can assist you to calculate how long the oxygen tanks can last.

Quality Assurance
All the cylinder supply from us have to pass stringent quality and performance standards in order to sustain @ 150 bar pressure. 

Fast & Free Delivery
Our scheme is simple and hassle-free. If you purchase or rent from us, you no need to stress over finding ways to refill it. We can swap and deliver new tanks to your within 8 hours.