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Medical Oxygen Concentrator For Healthy Living

Medical Oxygen Concentrator For Healthy Living

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Suffering from respiratory conditions like chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, lung infection, COPD? 

Lack of proper oxygen support can be life threatening. Oxygen Medical Oxygen Concentrators Can Be Your Saviour!

Medical Oxygen Concentrators are lifesaving potent medical devices that concentrate oxygen from a gas supply and remove nitrogen and offer with oxygen-enriched product gas stream. Oxygen concentrators use pressure swing absorption technology that products oxygen from the ambient air and relies on nitrogen selective adsorbents. The concentrators supply the medial grade oxygen and prevent hypoxemia-related problems in the patient suffering from chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, lung infection, COPD, and COVID-19.

Importance of adequate amount of oxygen for human body:

Importance of adequate amount of oxygen for human body:Oxygen is very much important for every living cell of the body and conditions like asthma, lung infection, pneumonia, cystic fibrosis, flu, COPD, and COVID 19 health issues may cause the oxygen levels to drop. When the levels are low additional oxygen is required as oxygen therapy using an oxygen concentrator to prevent the worsening of the health concern.

Oxygen concentrators take in air from the surroundings and filter out nitrogen and provide higher amounts of oxygen needed for oxygen therapy and can help save the life of patients suffering from respiratory issues and breathing difficulties.

Oxygen Concentrators are portable and can be used for emergency and home settings:

Trivitron Healthcare – Oxygen Concentrator offers enormous benefits like improved oxygen availability, portability, and can be operated at home, hospital settings, and personal clinics. Trivitron iOxy Plus is a high-quality state, oil-free oxygen concentrator, with a thoughtful detailed design, multiple noise cancellation functions, and visual intelligent control features.

The device is featured with a molecular sieve for lasting and stable oxygen generation and condensate drainage design that improves oxygen production efficiency. The machine helps to deliver oxygen therapy to patients suffering from breathing disorders. The best thing about an oxygen concentrator is that it is portable, cost-effective, good for use at home, private clinics, and lifesaving for emergency use.

Oxygen Concentrator can help manage following lung conditions:

Patient suffering from acute and chronic breathing disorders requires oxygen support. This includes patients suffering asthma, COPD, respiratory distress. Many a time people suffer from respiratory discomfort due to climate change, and in such case Trivitron iOxy Plus is present at home can help one to achieve enhanced breathing.

Oxygen Concentrator offers huge range of medical benefits for different conditions:

During the massive surge in COVID-19 cases during both the first and second pandemic waves, there was a huge shortage of medical oxygen and ventilators. With huge shortage of oxygen cylinders and ventilators, oxygen concentrators emerged as the most sought-after life-saving device for oxygen therapy for COVID-19 patients. Oxygen concentrators have now become a reliable and economic option for supplying long-term oxygen therapy that can be used as an alternative to compressed gas cylinders.

Save yourself from heart attack stroke, and respiratory failure:

Medical oxygen is actually a potent medication that affects both your cardiovascular system and lungs and helps one to breathe better. The oxygen-rich air is easier to breathe and absorb through the alveoli air sacs of the lungs and help lungs to work effectively and prevent oxygen level from falling too low. It is an effective option for to get more oxygen flowing through the body when one’s are lungs have trouble absorbing enough oxygen on their own. Supplemental oxygen provided by the concentrator help ensure that there is enough oxygen provided to meet the body’s need. Adequate supply of oxygen improves the ability to breathe and prevents the occurrence of serious life-threatening health conditions like dementia, heart attack stroke, and respiratory failure.

Patients with mild to moderate COVID-19 symptoms are suggested by medical experts to use concentrators if their oxygen saturation level is between ‘90-94’, and if it is below then ‘85’, the ventilator is recommended, but in case of scarcity concentrators can be lifesaving.

Oxygen Concentrator can be used at home with proper prescription:

Trivitron iOxy Plus is economic and portable and for supplying oxygen it uses electrical pumps and devices to concentrate the oxygen continuous supply that comes from the surrounding air. The levels of oxygen in the body can be measured using a small device called a pulse oximeter. This help to keep a check on the oxygen level in the body.

An adequate amount of oxygen supplied by an oxygen concentrator can help effectively reduce psychological ailments like anxiety and depression, and improve the quality of life of a patient suffering from COPD.

Providing adequate oxygen the oxygen delivered by the concentrator helps one breathe more efficiently and reduce strain on the lungs and make one feel much more comfortable. It reduces the risk of getting hypoxemia (lack of oxygen) by providing enough oxygen to the lungs. Left untreated, hypoxemia can cause huge damage to the lungs and cardiovascular system. It can also increase the risk of getting high blood pressure, pulmonary hypertension, and even heart attacks.

An oxygen concentrator can be best for use at home (can be purchased after consultation from the doctor), the patient suffering from post-COVID-19 complications, asthma patients, the patient suffering from cystic fibrosis, and hospital and clinical settings.

24 Apr 2023