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What Is An Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen concentrators are units that help you to make your own oxygen. It’s important for people who have trouble breathing, such as those living with cystic fibrosis or emphysema, and it can also be beneficial in emergency situations like high altitude survival when pure atmospheric pressure is difficult to deliver alone without assistance from outside sources.

The Oxygen Concentrator works by breaking down the molecule of molecules into its component parts: Oxygen (O2) which we need for life!

What does an oxygen concentrator do?

An oxygen concentrator is a machine that helps your body extract more of the life-giving gas, oxygen.

Some people must rely on medical treatment or breathing treatments to be able to sustain their lives because they are unable to produce enough themselves through natural processes like metabolism and digestion; these individuals include those who suffer from cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy (MD) also called Lou Gehrig’s disease in most parts across America due to its high occurrence among baseball players including Hall Of Famer Ted Williams, severe combined immunodeficiency disorders such as common variable immune deficiency (CVID).


Do oxygen concentrators really work?

It’s true that oxygen concentrators do work, but they’re not perfect.

7 Benefits of using an Oxygen Concentrator: 

  • Offering relief for those with chronic and acute conditions alike
  • Can be used as a home remedy
  • They’re lightweight and quiet
  • An oxygen concentrator is much more affordable than other breathing devices such as CPAP machines
  • Life expectancy is much longer for an oxygen concentrator compared to a home system
  • Oxygen concentrators are portable, making them perfect for use at home or on the go
  • Using an oxygen concentrator will help improve your quality of life by reducing symptoms associated with chronic lung disease and COPD


How much is an oxygen concentrator in Malaysia?

It is possible to purchase an oxygen concentrator in Malaysia. The price varies depending on the model and where you live, but it can range from RM3,000-4,000 for a basic unit that produces enough air per day (or 5L)


Which company oxygen concentrator is best in Malaysia?

With its advanced technology, the BOT 5L Oxygen Concentrator is one of the most reliable, efficient and best oxygen concentrators Malaysia.

The BOT 5L oxygen concentrator is a new and improved version of our popular 5 litre model. It features higher purity than other brands, as well as the ability to operate on 220V AC power without needing an inverter or battery backup system like some competitors’. Using air from outside instead of inside your home helps reduce costs in addition!

Home use oxygen concentrator malaysia

Home use oxygen concentrator Malaysia 

A home oxygen concentrator is also known as a portable oxygen concentrator is an essential tool for those who have difficulty breathing. It can be used to provide high-quality medical care in the comfort of your own house, helping you take off work or stay at home if necessary so that no one has gone without life support because they are too weak from post-surgery painkillers pharmacological treatments.

Our BOT 5L oxygen concentrator is the perfect size for your home. It’s small and lightweight, making it easy to store in any room of the house without taking up valuable countertop space or increasing clutter on shelves!

Our oxygen concentrate can produce enough gas for two persons at a time!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I rent an oxygen concentrator?

Yes! We provide rent of oxygen concentrators to help you overcome your health care needs. Our machines are customized for any individual’s specific requirements and can be used in the home, workplace or during travel abroad!


Where to buy or rent oxygen concentrators in Malaysia

You can buy or rent through us! We support following areas: Kuala Lumpur, Nilai, Seremban, Malacca & Johor.

Our address:

  • Kuala Lumpur; Suite 33-01, 33rd Floor 203, Menara Keck Seng, Bukit Bintang St, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur

Contact:  011-6480 6728

  • Malacca; 25, Jalan BB 1/5, Taman Bachang Baru, 75350 Riverville, Melaka

Contact:  011-6480 6728

  • Johor Bahru; 3, Jalan Permatang 8, Taman Desa Jaya, 81100 Johor Bahru

Contact:  018-770 0017


How long do oxygen concentrators last?

One of the most common questions people ask is how often they should replace their machines. The answer depends on a number of factors, including usage and intended use for which it was bought. Our oxygen concentrators can last about 5 years with proper care and maintenance in normal conditions.


Should the oxygen concentrator be turned off when not in use?

So, you’re not using your oxygen concentrator right? Wrong. It’s important for the machine to stay on stand by in case of emergencies like when someone needs to help fast at their house or office but there isn’t time for them to turn it off before going inside so they can get some rest themselves too!

The answer here is yes- if possible try turning down low flow settings while inactive until needed again -but sometimes this just won’t be feasible because certain people need constant high output levels all day long (like patients who have trouble breathing).


Are you looking for the best oxygen concentrator in Malaysia?

BOT offer the best quality and affordable oxygen concentrators on the market. Our products are designed to give you a better life so that you can focus more on what matters most to you. You’ll be able to breathe easier with our high-quality equipment at your side.

When it comes down to it, we want everyone who needs an oxygen concentrator to have one. That’s why we offer free shipping and 5 years of free maintenance! If something doesn’t work out or if there is anything wrong with your product, let us know within 7 days of receiving your order and we will make sure that everything gets fixed ASAP! We believe in giving people the chance they deserve because everyone deserves a good life no matter their circumstances. So don’t wait any longer – buy oxygen concentrator with us today!

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11 May 2022