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We are the leading company in Malaysia providing Oxygen Concentrators, Tanks & Equipment for Industrial Gases. We offer more than 50 types of products with both local services and home delivery so you can be sure to find what’s best suited your needs!

Medical Oxygen Equipment

Industrial Gas Equipment Malaysia

Industrial Gas Equipment

For any industrial gas equipment, you can count on our company. We have everything from large compressors to specialty tanks and we’re always here for the good times as well!

Laboratory Gas Equipment Malaysia

Laboratory Gas Equipment

We supply high-quality, high purity gas regulators, calibration gas and can gas. We offer a wide variety of options for each individual need that suit any application and budget!

NEWGENE Covid-19
Antigen Test Kit

Newgene COVID-19 Antigen Detection Kit allows self testing of Covid-19 antigen performed anywhere like your home or your office, without needing to get tested at a healthcare facility.


Piping Engineering Work

We provide engineering work for the gas piping system, leak test and commissioning work.

In addition, we do provide safety training and consultation services.

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Best Medical Oxygen Gas and Equipment Supplier in Malaysia

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BOT is your trusted oxygen concentrator, oxygen tank and equipment supplier in Malaysia.

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BOT (British Oxygen Technology) your oxygen concentrator, oxygen tank and equipment supplier in Malaysia.

We are a company in Kuala Lumpur, Malacca and Johor Bahru of Malaysia subjectively to provide a comprehensively of professional services and medical products to the customer who need medical oxygen for therapy. Especially during covid-19 period, British Oxygen Technology have support the Malaysia government,  citizen and corporate for the medical oxygen supply.

BOT is a partner for pharmaceutical and medical gas products, services and patient-care programmes. Our goal is to empower healthcare professionals to provide better and safer patient care and in doing so, our experts cover a wide range of roles across the healthcare sector. This means everything from consulting with hospitals on managing the supply of their medical gases to being the carer by the patient’s side.

It is suitable for the middle-aged and elderly, people with poor physical fitness, pregnant women, students and other people who suffer different degrees of physiological hypoxia. It can also eliminate fatigue and restore somatic function after heavy physical or mental exertion.

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